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Fruit Ninja Kinect hits our Xbox 360 Dashboard on Wednesday 10th of August as the next big arcade game in the XBLA Summer of Arcade. it retails at 800MSP.

First off let me tell you this game is a LOT of fun! It utilises the Kinect sensor beautifully and is definitely one of the better games I have played on the Kinect.

So the objective of the game (if it isn’t obvious enough already) is to go all ninja on a bunch of fruit. Yep that’s it, but the fun that ensues is brilliant. There are a range of different modes for you to test out your fruit-slaying skills, as well as multiplayer modes for those of you brave enough. The reason I say brave enough is because the multiplayer is NOT swap-in swap-out but is instead side-by-side, leaving you very vulnerable to your friends ‘ninja’ skills (I experienced this myself when I got smacked by my friend, it’s not nice). There are two multiplayer modes, competitive and co-operative play. Both are a lot of fun, but just be careful of your fri...

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