Study: Games Not All Bad If You Play Them With Your Kids

VelocityGamer writes: Every time a new study comes out concerning video games we go through the same stuff. Some tenuous connections are made, and some gamers get upset or pleased as the case may be.

A recent article over at The Huffington Post cites a study done by Cheryl Olson and husband Dr. Lawrence Kutner for their book "Grand Theft Childhood" that indicates video games "...aren't as bad as you might think."

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Serjikal_Strike2841d ago

Doesn't sound like the 12-14 year olds playing on any CoD game have their parents sitting next to them...

those are the most annoying foul-mouthed kids I have ever heard...and I cant say sh*t cuz then I look like the as*h*le!

haymoza2841d ago

Enjoying games with your family is nothing new. To my knowledge, this has always been common sense...

thebudgetgamer2841d ago

Study: Games Not Bad


WhiteLightning2841d ago

Father: Go on son, take that crowbar and hit the prostitute as hard as you can.....Right quick grab her money, kill the guy in the car and steal it to make your getaway.

Son: Like this dad

Father: Great job son, now whats the moral of the story

Son: Don't do this in broad daylight

Father: That's my boy <shakes hair>