David Jaffe: GOW3 Promises To Be Best In Series

From Kotaku:

"Yesterday David Jaffe posted an entry on his personal blog about the departure of Cory Barlog from the God of War team. His take? It's a good move for Cory and he thinks God of War 3 "promises to be the best in the series."

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cloud360-7th_account3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Never played God of War, never want to.

Until it has a blonde spikey haird chracter with a big sword and some rpg elements.

well it does have big swords. But games like god of war giv the industry bad name, i remmber the orginal had nude a the start. Disgusting and what is good about cutting the wings of a pegausus of. Arghh. Lol

Greysturm3995d ago

You like stereotypical heroic characters and deep good natured storylines as do i but as for likings colors were made there are some who feel themselves liking antiheroes and evil or not pure good guys better hence the sucess of games like GTA and manhunt.

TheHater3995d ago

you are so lame. Why don't you play God of War and see how amazing this game is.

clevernickname3995d ago

God of War is not a role playing game but an action game, and that is exactly the way I like it. I don't want to fuddle around with the minutia you find in your typical RPG and simply want to the play a game, which God of War does perfectly. Far too many RPGs are bogged down with mind numbing detail that takes you out of the action.

Thankfully, God of War does not make this mistake and knows exactly what it is; an ass kicking action game.

Nagthragarthoth3995d ago

... So you think Dante or Nero should be in God of War III.... That's retarded

Kratos would destroy Dante and Nero both.

Also this game isn't for children, when played by the age appropriate gamers it can immerse you in the brutality of greek mythology. Which is a beautiful thing.

Tell Jaffe and Berlog that his games give gaming a bad name.

Laslty you don't cut the wings off of the pegasus, but rather the wings of Icarus, and he deserved It. You never played so you don't know sh!t.

Megaton3995d ago

That's sad. You're robbing yourself of a first class gaming experience.

sonarus3995d ago

Mehn i honestly cant wait to see GOW on ps3.

Panthers3995d ago

Lol you got issues if naked chicks are discusting to you.

Evil0Angel3994d ago

the weapon selection is weak really weak.
it more like timing game when it comes to big fight .just press x or o as instrectued in the screen(that in the big fights)=it what can be described as half assed game.
it have fairly smart A.i + nice gameplay elemnts(but we have seen them in other games like prince of persia)
what matter in the end of the day in the gamer recption not reviews.gamer votes with thier walets and till this day GOW2 hasnot sold 1M copies although PS2 has instal base of over 110m

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nevelo073995d ago

its going to be good its god of war we talkin about the god of games period

Syko3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Geez, I guess so. This guy says the obvious GOW 3 will be better than the last two and the story jumps to almost 500 degrees. Imagine when they drop some real info on this game. Sony fans are going to $hit all over. This game is going to be a HUGE success.

I wonder what the release window looks like on this one? No bother because I will have a PS3 by that time I'm sure.

MrSwede3995d ago

I was about to submit this news too but I read his blog and couldn´t find where he writes about GOW3. Where is it?

wh0am13995d ago

man, I'm hyped for the game even though there's absolutely no info about it!

I hope it's the grand finale we've all been waiting for.

Frulond3995d ago

I'm hopping to see some "official" info about gow3

gamesblow3995d ago

I guess I must have missed ... I dunno... all of the parts he actually talked about Cory and God of war 3... Wanna clue me in here, folks?

cr33ping_death3995d ago

he doesnt go into details. he just says he knew about CORY leaving and that he wont say much about it.....and that he feels GOD OF WAR 3 will be the best of the series, nothing much though.

riqued3995d ago

"ps. Yeah, I knew about Cory leaving a few weeks ago. It's not my place to give any real details...that's up to Cory. But I'll say these two things (cause I've been asked alot about it since the news broke):

a- the GOW team is one of the best in the game making biz. Losing key members of a team- from any department- is always a struggle. But I have no doubt the team- being as amazing as they are- will shake it off and get back to work on what promises to be the best game in the series (assuming they follow the creative and tech ideas I've heard about so far).

b- Cory's moving on to some sweet ass stuff, from what I hear. I'm sure in due time he'll spill some beans. And when he does I'm sure you guys/gals will be as happy for him as I am...some neat things could be going down for our Mr. Barlog in the coming months/ stay tuned!"

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