When Buying New Helps the Publisher, but Hurts the Consumer

Tech-Gaming explores how Gamestop customers might not be getting their online pass with a purchase of a 'new' game.

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mediastudies2847d ago

Gamestop always seems to find a way to screw us. They put PSN $20 codes on the receipt now, which disappears in the sun or in your wallet. Those sneaky bastards.

gamingdroid2847d ago

These are actually customers stealing the code and GameStop failing to prevent it. They offered a full refund.

I don't like GameStop and never really shop there, but they did the right thing.

sharpsword2847d ago

They must have known something was up when you brought 20 games to the counter.

deserteaglexix2847d ago

I wouldn't take more than three at a time to the counter.

Ulf2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

So.. what's stopping GameStop from bundling an online pass with used sales, again?

Oh yeah... greed.

mediastudies2847d ago

Again? When did they do that?

Ulf2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Never. I just wanted to be reminded, if someone already knew the answer. "tell me why, again", not "when did they do it before".

They have never offered to make their used sales complete in that fashion, even though its an option, and always has been. That would involve sharing a small portion of used profits with the publishers, and being better to their consumers, and they don't want that.

You have to understand (I'm guessing you probably do) that popular opinion believes the publisher is the bad guy in this situation, rather than the retailer. GameStop is just some poor innocent victim... at least in the eyes of GameStop employees posting on internet forums.

The advent of extended internet play for games has introduced a lot of new expenses for publishers, which the online pass is meant to help cover. The per-copy interest level in a game's online play goes up drastically, when multiple users can own the same copy -- hence the servers need to be supported for much longer.

When companies like GameStop promote used sales (which they do), they push the per-copy server usage up, and the money to support such services needs to come from somewhere. It makes sense that it should come out of the used sale.

If GameStop provided these with used sales, the issue described in the article would likely be resolved.

Cpt_kitten2847d ago

wow, dumb gamestops....there suppose to take the download codes out of the box and file it with the game so no one can steal it

eh i always buy sealed copies anyway, if i can't find it at one store i go to the next

buttclown2847d ago

I rarely buy from Gamestop as there is no locations near me within 30 miles. Most games I just get delivered so I have yet to encounter a problem

DFogz2847d ago

I always avoid the gutted copies at any cost. If that means going to the three or four other stores around me, so be it. If that means making them order a copy and having to wait a few extra days, then it's worth it to me.
I'd rather open a brand new game, than pay the brand new price when the clerks have already opened it (and more often than not, have taken it home to try out and bring back)
I can't tell you how many times I've been handed a gutted copy, flipped the disc over and said "this isn't new, it's got all sorts of marks all over it!"

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