Could WWE '12 Be the Wrestling Game That Fans Want?

From the page: "For the past several years the guys over at Yukes have been struggling with exactly how "realistic" the game needed to be. Trying to avoid games with a handful of unique moves such as the aforementioned TNA game, Yukes has, in the past, clogged the game up with so many commands that one has to memorize moves utilizing both sticks, all shoulder buttons, and even the D-pad. This wasn't a huge deal breaker for me, but games such as WWE Smackdown VS. Raw 2008 suffered greatly with these controls. "

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Machina-AX3732d ago

Only if Randy Orton takes his trunks off.

Oh wait, that's only on my wishlist Isn't it? ;/

kthsdlr3732d ago

Super bummed that I missed Hulk Hogan by a split second at E3. That guy was my hero when I was a young guy.

DeadlyFire3732d ago

I am sad he wasn't talking about a TNA game. Just some crap.

naznatips3732d ago

There are still wrestling fans?

3732d ago
NyGiants73732d ago

Dude WWE is consistently number one in ratings.

DeadlyFire3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Hopefully number 2 in a few years. TNA # 1.

BeardedGamerShow3732d ago

Have wrestling games still kept a fanbase after all this time?

swirldude3732d ago

Wait, WWE fans don't even like the WWE games? That's pretty bad; I figured they were the only audience that WOULD like them.

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The story is too old to be commented.