Catherine Proves That Niche Games Can Sell Well

Stephen Kelley of gamrFeed writes: "We have been told for years and years now that niche games (which usually mean games from Japan) do not sell in this current market. This has been, on countless occasions, the primary reason for the endless sequels, spin-offs, and clones that we see in place of refreshing new IPs. I have always held the opinion that, if given a fair shot, many of these games could sell very well if marketed well, courted to the press, and handled better than many games are handled."

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kthsdlr3722d ago

Glad to see the weird stuff selling well. I think it's a bit premature to call it a trend but Atlus is one of my favorite developers.

malol3722d ago

more like sex sells lol
but its a good game so nice to hear

bangoskank3722d ago

It is a great game but I agree and can't help but wonder if people didn't buy it because they thought it was pornographic. Either way Atlus's marketing worked.

Redempteur3722d ago

there is no sex in catherine ..

malol3722d ago

@ above
i mean marketing and stuff

Kamikaze1353722d ago


You're completely missing the point. Not sex as in sexual as in using women in a sexual manner to sell a product. Since Catherine is a game intended for males, they used female characters to convey this.

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Drazz3722d ago

Marketing and good reviews...

BeardedGamerShow3722d ago

"Selling well" will depend on what scale you're using. I'd say Atlus is raking in a profit, however, which is always the real measuring stick.

naznatips3722d ago

While that's true, 200,000 units in a week in Europe and America is pretty darn goodby any meassure.

limewax3722d ago

Actually that's just US, we haven't got it in the EU yet officially. My import rocked though :)

But on topic, I wouldn't say it has proved too much yet, its proved they can sell but it hasn't netted them an established place in the industry for such games yet. Catherine may have been a one off, because it is definitely something special

badz1493722d ago

and he'll come out saying Catherine is an utter failure!

Machina-AX3722d ago

Does seem to be doing well.

swirldude3722d ago

For Atlus, these sales numbers are great. It certainly also got a boost from the old adage of "sex sells". I'd be curious to see data on how many customers bought it for the game or for its risque image. Too bad that's probably impossible.

Theo11303722d ago

This doesn't prove that niche games sell on console, it prove games targeted toward pervs and under sexed adolescents sell to their target audience.

limewax3722d ago

Yet if you was an adult instead of a kid you would see that actually the game has a very mature theme, one which both me and my partner enjoyed together, it also provoked us to talk about our relationship in ways we never have before, Prodding us into talking about things couples usually avoid for comfort.

So me and my partner who have been together for years are apparently under-sexed pervs. Yet you clearly were not mature enough to handle the theme of the game so I don' think I need to speak of how under-sexed you may be, As I think your comment clearly speaks for itself.

Lesson to be learnt, don't throw the insults without the knowledge to comprehend the inevitable answer that runs deeper than your own initial insult

HelghastKid3722d ago

Probably should try the game before you comment...

Theo11303722d ago

Do you have any real examples of how it manages provoke conversation about anything?

Inception3722d ago

"Do you have any real examples of how it manages provoke conversation about anything?"
This proved that you never play the game but talked like you already played the game. Gosh, i hate people like you -_-

limewax3721d ago

Yes, it provoked conversation about such topics in many different ways. However the most obvious method I would have to say is actually the questions it forces you to answer at the end of each level, Some of these questions are extremely deep, Things you would never normally even ask someone. Me and my partner found ourselves asking each other what their true answer would be

Theo11303721d ago

you do realize that you've said absolutely nothing.

Megaton3721d ago

You just don't get it Theo. These smart guys here know what's going on.

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