Analyst: DivX Support Coming to Xbox 360

DivX followed up Tuesday night's earnings report with a presentation at the JP Morgan SmMid cap conference. JP Morgan analyst Paul Coster coyly probed Kevin Hell about whether or not we were about to see DivX support on the Xbox 360. The question seemed to catch Hell off guard, and while his initial reaction was enthusiasm, there was something about his tone that suggested that Coster might be onto something.

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P4KY B4048d ago

We'll find out soon.
I so hope this is true.

TriggerHappy4048d ago

Is just a matter of time before the 360 and PS3 have support for these formats, the question is which one will get it first ?

Syko4048d ago

Who cares as long as they get it. It's a pretty widely accepted format now and I see no reason these "All in one" media machines don't support them....Other than the licensing fees of course.

Pain4048d ago

Ask a Question get a answer. toodles~

Syko4048d ago

In the latest firmware 2.0 update, Xvid and Divx files can now be detected as video options on the PS3.

Quote from PSU:
Now the files still won't work on the PlayStation 3, but this new find may lead us to believe Sony is planning to support both Xvid and Divx files in the future. My guess is that Sony may be doing this so that when Home is launched, users can convert their files to Divx (for smaller file sizes) and use them to display in their Home studios.


Pain4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

What the hell did i read then??? hmmm ill do a read agin. my bad.

But owell Atleast its a start then.

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the worst4048d ago

you cant store file as an mp3

cloud360-7th_account4048d ago

SO everythin announced for PS3 first. and then 360 steal. yeh make since. Sheeps do that. kings dont

Syko4048d ago

Thank you for trying to use periods but your sentence structure is all wrong. They also make very little "SENSE".

On a side note how many times do I have to put you on ignore. Stick with a one bubble account please. Goodbye.

razer4048d ago

Sony's update was a big fat lame piece of crap! DivX was being pushed by the community since the day the 360 launched A YEAR AHEAD OF THE PS3. Copying my ass.. The 360 dashboard is miles ahead of the XMB sorry to break your heart.

Having this native support will be a beast for the 360 and another reason why it's a top notch media center. I'm so tired of lame transcoding for my DiVX this will be a god send of an update.

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The story is too old to be commented.