Borderlands 2 Leak Was Just More Proof That Print Is Dead

Joel Taveras writes, "Last week the gaming news interwebs illuminated with the news that Gearbox Interactive, the creators behind what many would argue is this generation’s best kept secret in Borderlands, were not only hard at work at Borderlands 2 but that it would be ready for a launch in fiscal 2013 (as early as April 2012). The always talkative Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who has been dodging questions about the title’s existence at every turn addressed the news as “shoddy journalism” because Eurogamer broke the story but it was GameInformer magazine who was supposed to have the exclusive reveal. Not only is this complete non-sense, but just further points out why gaming print is dead."

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5 Amazing Side Quests In Games That You Need To Experience

While gamers usually take notice of the mainline missions, these 5 side quests deserve more widespread attention for how entertaining they are.

jwillj2k4547d ago

Honorable mention to Drive Clubs Ferrari Fxx-K. Should be there over Horizon.

527d ago
TheColbertinator547d ago

The Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak from the Gran Turismo series

Nissan Skyline from Need for Speed Underground

Motorcycle Steamroller from Dead Rising 3

And finally a car you never drive but saves your ass over and over : Honey Badger from COD MW2

Gardenia547d ago

I was thinking of Mad Max. That V8 felt really good to drive around in, especially with upgrades.

dumahim547d ago

No one liked the Batmobile in Arkham Knight. Top 10?

toxic-inferno547d ago

I don't know... It was a strange addition to the game, and the parts of the game where you had to fight in it were tedious. But driving it around Gotham felt brilliant.

BrainSyphoned547d ago

FFXIII-Snow's Shiva motorcycle
Persona 5-Makoto's Persona motorcycle


Best Comedic Video Games: Try these games for a good laugh

GF365: "Sometimes a funny and less stressful game is a welcome change. Here are the best comedic video games that will surely improve your mood."

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adaminoregon585d ago

South park stick of truth is the funniest game ever made.