IGN: Unreal Tournament III Near-Final Preview

Unreal Tournament III is unlikely to win any awards for originality. It's a game that provides exactly what you'd expect from an Unreal Tournament game. But that's the thing. Everybody expects something different from an Unreal Tournament game. It looks like the game's biggest achievement then, could simply be that it meets all of those expectations: those of mod-makers, who just want tools and the freedom to use them; of professional or near-professional gamers who want speed and balance; and of regular gamers who just like to dive into something that looks pretty and plays well. And it's officially a record-breaker, with Frederiek van Gammeren (aka Frantic) pulling off 131 kills to bag the official record for most overall kills in a 30 minute Unreal Tournament III deathmatch.

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jackfatal4088d ago

they are always similar and almost nothing new but still fun to play!!
any way wat did halo 3 bring new compared to halo 2??