Collector's Edition: Skyrim vs Witcher 2 vs Dead Island

"Bethesda recently unveiled the Collector's Edition of it's upcoming RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Priced at $149, the Collector's Edition was understandably met with the fury of angered gamers around the web. And after looking at the image below, this "fury" really seems justified."

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acemonkey2627d ago

where can u get the dead island one?

ATi_Elite2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I'm so ready for The Witcher 2 vs. Skyrim comparisons.

besides President Obama got a Witcher's 2 collectors edition which made global news and I'm sure he played the game during the Debt Ceiling crap!!

meanwhile the Dead island collectors pak looks like a terrorist starter that a bomb?

Skyrim = a plastic/velvet photo album and a Lego dragon...whoopee!!!

Ser2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Beauty is in the eye of the collector.

Lego dragon? It's a vinyl statue. You must not know a whole lot about the vinyl figurine scene if you're going to call that Alduin statue a "Lego dragon." Also, that "photo album" is the size of a coffee table book with 200 pages of art.

$60 game
$30 collector's edition coffee table artbook
$60 collector's edition 12" Alduin statue

You're getting a lot of bang for your buck. Vinyl figures are expensive, especially the ones of the 12" variety. Oh, and you get the cloth map as well.

To the author of the article, that "fury" is so NOT justified. If you're not a statuette collector, fine, I can see your disdain for the collector's edition. However, to a collector / fan of the Elder Scrolls series, this edition is the only edition.

BeastlyRig2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

When it comes to being hard core, graphics & sword combat TW2 will win..


"we wanted to make it so that you could pick up the controller and play and it was easy; the average person could get into it"

Hardcore gamer is not the average person.

Skyrim will still be good of course just not to challenging so casuals can't play. = Sell a lot.

da_2pacalypse2627d ago

The Dead island Survival kit is only sold in poland... this is very unfortunate, there is some awesome content to be had there

BeOneWithTheGun2627d ago

I will be doing the looting once this game drops. The residents of Skyrim will have nothing left it their shops, houses, pockets or stables.

OT: I am not getting the collector's addition because, well, I am not a collector. That said, my passion for this game runs so high that if they were charging $150.00 for just the game I would still be standing in line 11.10.11 11:59pm PST.

CrescentFang2627d ago

Disgaea 4 destroys all and either version you're actually getting your money's worth :)

limewax2627d ago

Did you even look at the link, I can't say anything on Disgaea 4 collection as I have not seen it, But that dead island collection at $71 is most certainly getting your moneys worth.

CrescentFang2627d ago

Yup I just like Disgaea 4 haha

I respect all fans of Dead Island and my above post is just my opinion :)

limewax2627d ago

Lol I know what you mean, I have my franchises I stand by too.

Cpt_kitten2627d ago

dead island is another over rated zombie game it deserves to be laughed at and thats it

limewax2627d ago

Wasn't aware that you had your full copy and completed it, Well I thank you for the extra enjoyment, Now beside enjoying the game, I can also enjoy knowing it boils you inside that people will enjoy it

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Fishy Fingers2627d ago

I shop around for the best price possible on vanilla versions, so these all seem crazy to me. I just want the game, not the tat.

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