LA Noire sales at 4+ million

Rockstar and Team Bondi's detective story LA Noire has sold-in more than four million copies worldwide, Take-Two's latest financial results show.

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RioKing4311d ago

...and Team Bondi is still bankrupt :/

OC_MurphysLaw4311d ago

yeah...find that hard to believe but they did say that facial tech was un-godly expensive.

SuperLupe4311d ago

Can somebody give a link stating that Team Bondi are bankrupt etc ?

kaveti66164311d ago

I hate it when people ask for links. Not only does it reflect their own laziness but it also makes it sound like they're insinuating that people are lying.

Why would somebody lie about Team Bondi going bankrupt?

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limewax4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

That's what bad management does. And I know I will likely get slammed for this but its my honest opinion, I'm surprised it even hit 4 million. After the murder cases I just lost all interest and wanted it to end, but it wouldn't. And all that DLC added to the story making that ending even more of a grind. Basically as soon as the fun of picking up on lies wore off (or exposed its weaknesses) I just lost all interest.

Especially within a couple chapters in Arsen where people become so hard to read I just started guessing with no care for which option I was choosing. Like I say I know many loved it. But for me it needed to end about 20 hours earlier. And I normally want games to be longer too

And no its nothing to do with a limited taste in games, Right now my roster consists of, Sonic Unleashed, Killzone 3, From Dust, MK9 and Catherine, all of which I think are fantastic (other than the werehog). Catherine being the only standout 'unique' game to compare, I would say the reason I find it so much better than LA:Noire is the pacing

Drazz4311d ago

Yup I'm stuck on arson cases too. Can't finish the game cause I get bored...

MysticStrummer4311d ago

@Drazz - Press on. You're almost there. I quit during the arson cases also. I finally mustered up the will to finish the game and discovered I was close to the end. The story got a little more interesting toward the end.

Stealth2k4311d ago

yep it didnt make a dime of profit

smt304311d ago

It's great that we gamers support creative games like Heavy Rain and L.A. Noire. It's so much better because MAYBE, just MAYBE developers will stop over-saturating the dull FPS market.

FlashXIII4311d ago

This is great news. 4m sales goes to show that both new IPs and unique refreshing ideas can be successful.

RioKing4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

It depends on what your definition of "successful" is; great game, or great sales (or both preferably)

Edit: Mine is a great game btw ;)

gcolley4311d ago

a successful game usually ensures a sequel or at the very least better support. maybe not in this case though, but generally more profit means they don't forget about you.

no_more_heroes4311d ago

too bad they're still not making much money off of it due to bad management. Team Bondi might just fold.

Raven_Nomad4311d ago

Even though it sold 4 million it lost money, so while it looks good, companies are still going to want to stick with ip's that produce actual profit.

So far this year the new ip's have not made any money...crazy...

FlashXIII4311d ago

If a company goes bankrupt and don't turn profit after 4m sales.. something is extremely wrong with that company.

RioKing4311d ago

Indeed. And from what I've been hearing about Team Bondi...something is wrong with them (no offense).

OC_MurphysLaw4311d ago

Very poorly managed and the facial tech apparently was extremely expensive. As good as it was... I don't know I "need" it in future games if its going to run up costs, etc..

Stealth2k4311d ago

It has nothing to do with the company

Development costs were in the 100 million range on the development of the game alone

Persistantthug4311d ago

4 million units is a lot of units.

4 million units should be about 100 - 120 million revenue for the publisher.

Game is still selling btw.
So how does anyone know?
Just wondering.

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contra1574311d ago

4+mil love that replay value ;)

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