G*: Kingdom Under Fire Developer Blueside Working On XBLA, Handheld Projects

In Seoul for the Gstar 2007 international game expo, Gamasutra has learned that Kingdom Under Fire developer Blueside is working on three new projects: one project for Live Arcade, one for an unnamed handheld, and one large-scale project more along the lines of the company's traditional work, which also includes the Q Entertainment-produced Ninety Nine Nights.

"One thing I can tell you," embellished Dee Lee, head of Blueside division 2 and manager of production and business development, "is that we're going multi-platform with Circle of Doom, so that users can play against each other on Games for Windows Live. So we're trying to diversify our platforms. And we do also have plan to make tiny games. Live Arcade is one thing, and that handheld game…"

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