Samsung pulls out of Japanese consumer market

Samsung announced on Friday that it had stopped selling HDTVs, hi-def disc players, cellphones, MP3 players and all other consumer products in Japan.

After years of poor profitability in Japan, the South Korean global multinational corporation - and the number one consumer electronics brand in the world according to BusinessWeek magazine - has been unable to break into the notoriously closed Japanese market (just ask Microsoft.) Samsung stopped selling to Japanese retail outlets in August last year, and online sales came to an end last month.

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Danja4087d ago

so next is Microsoft ...J/K...

cloud360-7th_account4086d ago

Microsft is now.

By the way some people think all FF games follow a story. Well all FF games have different story and universe. U dont need to play FF1 or 6 e.t.c to ubnderstand 59

Shadow Flare4086d ago

that the Japanese flag is very remeniscent of a white 360 with a red ring? Maybe japanese consumers sub-consciously don't buy the 360 because of that, or more likely, the Japanese aren't buying it because its a heap of crap

razer4086d ago

grade A number one dipsh!t..

What does this have to do with the 360 again? Oh, that's right your a 12yo douchebag who has run out of Blu-ray movies to watch so would rather try a lame attempt at bashing a console that is owning the PS3 (what console isn't).

aba4086d ago

Your a douchebag and the japanese prefer buying japanese products. Yeah that sounds right.

ArmrdChaos4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

One can show positive support for one's console and still be respectful of others and their choices. The problem with this site and many others is when people twist it all into a win/lose situation...the pride and ego of a "winner". Fragile little egos always trying to assert themselves as a "superior" human being because I chose brand X and it is superior....[insert multiple paragraphs, links, and twisted facts to thus prove (in their world) they are the superior human being. Sociologically...most of them are just damaged goods and clueless as to what life is all about.

Bladestar4086d ago

less competion for Sony... higher prices for the people.

BenzMoney4086d ago

When a market is as ridiculously closed-minded and protectionist as Japan's is, why would any foreign company continue to waste energy (and profit) offering their product there. Let the Japanese keep to themselves, be protectionist and closed-minded while the rest of the world enjoys the variety that comes with buying products from around the globe.

Seriously, the Japanese market is almost like a trade bloc in and of itself. Pull out, let them rape eachother with over-priced goods due to lack of competition, and then watch their economy stall due to their protectionist attitude (ala pre-WWII).

I guess history truly IS doomed to repeat itself.

Japanese arrogance. pffft.

snoop_dizzle4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Samsung make some excellent products. Their HDTV line is extremely good. If i were to buy an HD set replacing my hd monitor, it would either be from sharp, sony or samsung.

Edit: oops my bad. Fixed

aba4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

So true Benz.

@snoop: samsung is korean.

rbanke4086d ago

The thing is, Japan buying (mostly) Japanese only products is why their economy is in far better shape then ours (USA). Perhaps we should take note and start acting a little more like that and instead of seeking the cheapest goods we can find, start making our goods here again.

This post is a bit hipocritical considering I own a Samsung TV and a Sony ps3, but on most things I try to buy American ;)

BloodySinner4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Not only that, dude. Their products are way cheaper ($$$) than Sony's.

Keyser4086d ago

Samsung is not though of as high end as Sony, in price or features.

I like Samsung because they do have a highend offering and it is comparable to Sony's. (That's the good and bad thing about Sony)

Samsung makes a very good LCD. I have a 60XBR2 from Sony that I'm most pleased with.

WilliamRLBaker4086d ago

bubble for you for saying what i've been saying for years.

and rbank you dont know what your talking about, The japanese economy has been in an economic slump worse then america for the past 15 years.

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socomnick4086d ago

Samsung Is way better than sony.
Samsung tvs are amazing Thats why I spend 2500 on one because it was better than sonys.

Lionsguard4086d ago

How many times did you have to restate that Samsung was better than Sony? You sound like you need another course in English.

d3l33t4086d ago

the facts presented in your statement are overwhelming, so much that i decided to sell my SONY TV in the last 10 mins and buy a Samsung

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