GamesRadar - The Witness Preview

Games Radar's Charlie Barratt writes, "Breaking the fourth wall? That’s happened in plenty of games previously, but breaking the fourth wall so that the game’s designer can speak directly to the game’s player about the meaning and impact of their shared experience? That’s unusual."

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ratsrock2845d ago

I am very exited about this. After Braid I want to see more ideas of Jonathan Blow!

The game title makes me think the game will be about a deep and meaningful experience, like in Buddhism – buddha meaning in many ways “the witness.” The awakened one who observes. Part of Zen philosophy of awaken and observing the inner self and the beauty of nature and its miracles.

Alos882845d ago

I wish I could figure out the puzzles in this game, but I doubt it, as I am The Witless.