Game, Set and Math: Levelling and Customisation Systems in Shooters guest writer Richard Horsefield takes a look at the RPG-ization of shooters with levelling and point-gathering in a case study of Halo: Reach. Is the FPS the new home of “the grind”?

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Dramscus2841d ago

So is point- and credit-gathering a good reason to replay a game?


In the undying words of admiral ackbar.
it's a trap!

What your getting is mediocre gameplay, mediocre story, and one highly addictive feature.
If that highly addictive feature was paired up with great story and gameplay then you would have a wonder drug with no negatives essentially. What you have now is the gaming equivalent of crack.

You may not need to, or want to really. You'll shut out the fresh experiences in trade for numerical satisfaction.You'll waste inordinate amounts of time while others try to help you. You'll do all of this because you are in fact trapped in a virtual skinnerbox.