Should Apple & Google Enter The Console Wars?

The Big 3? How about the Big 4? Big 5? Big 6? With rumors spreading, security issues in current consoles arising,and talks among various major gaming companies increasing, the Big 3 (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) may soon have much more competition in the Console Gaming Wars.

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iamnsuperman2845d ago

Not really. Its just too risky to get into console manufacturing now. They would then need to build/buy software developers to create a first party studio team to compete. The other thing is the market is over crowded. Apple were smart in their move into the gaming market buy releasing a smart phone will free and 69p apps/games. This was an untapped area of the market which no mobile company tried to get in. The same kind of success could never be replicated in the home gaming market with the big three there. Google and Apple may have the money and resources to do it but they are not stupid either. They have made their money in exploiting untapped markets and not getting into a crowded market space

Dramscus2845d ago

Google is entering it more or less since psvito runs android.

Thats obviously something that both companies would have negotiated on for some time. A games console is a bit different than licensing an os for a phone.

miyamoto2844d ago

Is the PSP or the PS3 the first gaming devices to have Google search engine on them?

Anyhoo, yup Google has definitely entered the gaming industry with PS Vita Custom Android OS.

Best2844d ago

I'm pretty sure Apple or Google won't have an issue implementing cross game chat. Come on Sony, it's been years!

Petro2844d ago

You silly, Google has nothing to do with PlayStation Vita operating system, cause it doesn't even have Android!

ATi_Elite2844d ago

Why when Nintendo is on there way out!

Apple has computers and Google has the cloud so why waste cash making consoles?

Consoles are for companies looking to control the living room.....Apple and Google are not interested in the living room.

Seferoth752844d ago

LOL NIntendo on the way out. You haters are an amusing lot... Best selling hardware this gen but they are suddenly going to stop.. More like wishful thinking of a butthurt teenager

jeeves862844d ago

Not true, Google has Google TV (albeit maybe not as successful as they would have hoped) and Apple has Apple TV (same story here).

So yeah, they're very interested in integrating their products into every facet of your life, including your livingroom. Watch out, the bedroom is next.

ATi_Elite2844d ago

I say Nintendo is on their way out cause all Ninty does is games. Sony and M$ have other major products to keep them going in case the video game industry takes a nose dive like it did right before Ninty came into prominence.

If the cell phone kills the hand held and if Ninty next console fails then they are DONE!!! and will be left making Zelda for Sony and M$!!

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SilentNegotiator2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I hope SOMEONE else joins the game. What with Sony introducing a standardized online pass, Microsoft favoring a completely different audience from its past, and Nintendo finding comfort in the stay-at-home mom crowd (though recently they decided that they don't really like being successful and released a handheld with conflicting gimmicks - like 3D and motion control - and have a new console with a one new controller limit to prevent successful party games from bogging them down).....why not?

Maybe a third party can step in and remind us what gaming is about.

SilentNegotiator2844d ago

I suppose I should have said
*fourth party

But I meant an outsider...a "third party", just to be clear

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Inside_out2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Many will argue that they are already there. Goggle has paid a small fortune to buy into the casual market and Apple is there already.

An actual physical console is no longer needed. Onlive type of set up is relatively cheap and low maintenance tho they will tell you other wise.

DD is running of with the prize and the little Asian guys have been caught with their pants down saying, hey, where you all going???...O_o

Go look at all the latest numbers...DD is running off like a thief in the night...doesn't matter what you may or may not want. Gamestop invested billions, they all are invested billions, even Walmart has set up their own to there web site and look for yourself.

People are always complaining about more are coming.

RaymondM2844d ago

It would be interesting because more competition always means solid first party releases. With 3 games on the market, we get a few games dominating, but with more consoles that will give more developers freedom across consoles and apple and google could bring in more gamers since they're so widespread

Bowzabub2844d ago

If you think fanboys are rampant now, just let Apple get a game console in the industry. Apple doesn't have fans they have cult members.

kneon2844d ago

But it would be funny to watch them trying to justify why their console doesn't have feature x, y or z only to then rave about these very same feature years later when Steve decides they it's time to add them in for one of the yearly console updates.

Kran2844d ago

Simply RED!

Wait what?

I mean: No. They should not.

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