Should Sony Preemptively Cut Vita's Price?

IGN - Vita won't be out in the west until 2012, but with Nintendo's emergency price cut of 3DS, some are wondering if Sony will slash prices too.

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Abash2841d ago

Why should they? The PSVita actually offers more than enough things to justify a $250 price tag, the 3DS didn't

ksense2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

My theory is that Sony's major target is the market that currently owns a ps3 and potential ps3 owners. there are about 50 million ps3 owners and 50 million xbox owners. granted most of them might have both consoles but that is still a sizable market share to target

Imagine a mass effect, dragon age or a fallout game which can be played at home on a ps3 and when you have to go for a vacation or a long trip you can continue on your ps vita anywhere. Imagine a call of duty multiplayer where you can continue to enjoy with your friends even if u r not home. if sony can get these experiences going then I can see them making a ton of money on this. The system will be so irresistible with unique experiences, smartphone game experiences plus console game experiences as well. they have a winner if they do this the right way.

sell a mass effect or a dragon age for 75-80(preferably 70 but that is unlikely i think) with an option to play on the vita as well. I will jump on that.

MintBerryCrunch2840d ago

the reason Nintendo decide to cut the price of the 3DS is really due to the Vita being the same price, yet the Vita can do a lot more with a $250 price tag

Stealth2k2840d ago

you think those games would push systems more than a moster hunter? LOL

fear882839d ago

I don't think sony should focus on the price at this point in time. There will be enough months to observe the market reaction to the 3DS price drop to choose whether or not to do so.

And I also think Sony should't drop the price of the Vita either. The 3DS was a horrible value to everyone compared to a PSP with its back catalog of games and budget gaming entry. The 3DS released with no in demand features, lackluster game selection, and little support in online and features.

Sony needs to focus on making the launch perfect. From service, features, and game lineup. The hardware by itself is already a great value compared to an Ipod touch or an Ipad but Sony needs to make sure that the network service, the software, the features, THE MARKETING, are all setup to launch this device. Its easier to pay $250 for a device that has great hardware and software/service to match. Its difficult to justify $250 for hardware with no support (You could buy a powerful supercomputer but if nothing can be done with it there is no value in having one).

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M-Easy2841d ago

Exactly this was a stupid question. I surprised it came form ign /s

-Mezzo-2841d ago

This is ridiculous, PSVita at $250 price tag is perfect for now.

zinki332840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I actually think, this might be the best Playstation product ever made, because of ease of development and having so many input methods. Developers will make shit ton of interesting software for it. I think it is priced correctly and input methods (2 sticks and even the touch screen- even menu systems in games will be awesome) will define this system.

Zir02841d ago

They won't have a choice a month after launch.

If the 3DS sold slowly at $250 Vita doesn't stand much chance no matter how great the hardware is.

BrianG2840d ago

That does not make sense. Better hardware alone will give it momentum.

But the Vita also has a pretty good looking software lineup.

Combine the two, and you have a handheld that will do just fine at $250 at launch.

Cpt_kitten2840d ago

thing is, Us gamers that do come to sites like this and research games and systems while still in development care about what we are getting. the average customer doesn't care about the hardware, just the games and what the system can do, if you walk up to anyone looking at a prebuilt laptop or desktop in store chances are they will have no idea how to anything with said computer (clean it, back up hard drive, install updates to graphics cards and such) same thing with the systems

it's all going to come down to launch titles, if Sony dose not have amazing launch titles then the Vita will stumble out of the gate like the 3DS did

for me the tech is great but if they don't have at least 2 amazing launch titles day one then it doesn't justify the purchase of the Vita at that point, cause why buy a system im not going to be able to use with out a game, yeah i will play with all the menu stuff but that won't take more than a day

firemassacre2840d ago

ziro, im holding back what i want to say right now out of getting banned...please leave, you are so very very ignorant.

poopsack2840d ago

Lemme paraphrase:

Nothing should be sold at $250, no matter how great it is.

Inside_out2841d ago

The analysts and shareholders are in a panic and they want to make sure that their stock doesn't drop like Nintendo's did when sales don't meet forecasts.

Nintendo's creator lost 300+ million in a matter of hours...nobody wants that.

sikbeta2840d ago

That's a load of BS, analysts are talking crap as usual because now that N cut the price of the 3DS, for some reason Sony should do the same, al their expeculations are based on comparisons between the low sales of the 3DS (high price for what people think is just a new DS model and lack of games) and sales of smartphones, gaming handheld and smartphones never played on the same league, two different devices have two different markets...

SandWitch2841d ago

Stupid question, won't even read the article

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