GGTL Exclusive video: Bodycount interview with Max Cant

GGTL: "Gamer's Guide to's Bodycount blowout continues with our ever-so-friendly Ben Storey chatting with Bodycount's Art Director, Max Cant. In the deepest, darkest and dankest corner of London, a few lucky souls were privy to more destruction than you could shake an M1A2 Abrams tank at."

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infestedandy2845d ago

I'm really unsure of this game, especially with the more notable shooters out there.

kidnplay2845d ago

In terms of style, it looks to me rather like Brink. Watching the B-roll footage in that video, though, the shooting mechanic itself seems quite markedly different; yes, there's still the blasting mindlessly at enemies we've seen in Brink, but it seems to be more cover-based, and the angle of the weapon is interesting too.

Inside_out2845d ago

Looks amazing...
If your going to talk about destruction in your game what better way that to show a guy getting blown through a wall with a shotgun...

...and part 2...

It's obvious Stuart Black's creative input is what has set this game apart. To think this game will have multi-player with all this insanity is crazy.

Stuart Black left last October to head up another game being made with Cry-3...can't wait for that one as well.

zero_cool2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

What a bunch of bull they could of added playstation move support & vehicle combat into the game what a lazy d-bag!