Marooners' Rock Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect (XBLA)

Chris writes: "You know, there’s this old (crappy) joke: “I just flew in from (insert city name here), and boy are my arms tired!” Let’s freshen it up for the times, shall we? Hey guys, I just played three days of Fruit Ninja Kinect, and boy are my arms, neck, shoulders, and upper back sore! When I first heard that Fruit Ninja, an iOS game I was very familiar with, would be heading to XBLA as a Kinect title, and as a featured game within 2011′s Summer of Arcade event no less, I was somewhat skeptical. I knew HOW the game would be played, I just wasn’t sure HOW WELL the game would play. Well, Fruit Ninja Kinect is just as fun as its predecessor, but you get the added benefit of a low-impact upper-body workout. I’ve spent the last three days sore from flailing my arms around like a moron in 5-10 minute bursts, and I don’t regret a second of it."

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Why is this in the PS3 SECTION.