Wii owners are getting a FIFA Street in their FIFA 12, PS3 and 360 owners not

We've been waiting quite a while for FIFA Street 4 and the chances are quite high that the wait will still be long. However, there is a nice alternative within two months.

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tunaks12844d ago

wii owners are also getting the worst version of fifa, Ea has never cared and their last decent fifa game on wii was 09, anyone looking for some good football on wii check out PES Wii.

Jezuz2843d ago

It's just like a mini game. More is always nice.

I_find_it_funny2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

so what you're getting a little more when your main product is shit in the first place

Wii version = shit + old candy to eat after

of course its targeted at people who have only Wii

tunaks12843d ago

try PES on wii, its honestly the most strategic game of football you will play thanks to the pointer.

WhiteLightning2844d ago

Don't most people who buy Fifa get it for the 360 or PS3.

mac_sparrow2843d ago

Likely the reason for the inclusion of street. EA have messed about with modes and such for FIFA Wii before.

Venox20082844d ago

maybe this version will be the best on Wii? hmmm...maybe..

3GenGames2843d ago

Whoever expects 360/PS3 games on a Wii probably doesn't even care to look into it. Oh well.

galgor2843d ago

They should bring back indoor football for the PS3/360 versions! Like the good ole megadrive days..

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