Analyst Predicts Call of Duty 4 To Outsell Halo 3

Nollenberger Capital Partners analyst Todd Greenwald is predicting big things for Activision's new Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, going as far as to suggest that it may outsell Halo 3.

(Reported by The Escapist on 9 November, 2007)

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Captain Tuttle4000d ago

It's on 4 different platforms. Great game out and get it if you haven't already.

Syko4000d ago

Seriously if it outsold Halo 3 on the 360 only, That would be an amazing accomplishment. But when you count all four systems in the mix it's not impressive at all. Still it's no surprise that this game is selling well and will continue to sell well into next year.

CrashSharc4000d ago

I think it won't outsell it just for the plain fact that HALO is SO overhyped, it's rediculous. I mean, you don't see soft drinks sportning COD4 do you? But if it was based on sheer fun and value, I could see COD4 outselling, but it won't. It just doesn't have the hysteria, overhype, and adveertising...

darx4000d ago

You're mad at HALO 3.

TheSadTruth4000d ago

sheer fun and value is the reason Halo 3 has gotten so much hype.. it all had to start somewhere.. Halo saved the Xbox so give it some credit, even if you don't like the game

razer4000d ago

haha stop talking like a fool! Like 1.3 said you are mad at Halo 3.

OnTopic: Yes, if it sells more on the 360 than that is impressive, if you count all platforms than it means nothing..

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Baba19064000d ago

i bought it, and i do not like fps that much =D. but this one is realllllly crazy amazing. so much going on, i feel like beeing in a war for real lol, little scary sometimes. amazing game. im just scared of finishing the campaing to fast.

Danja4000d ago

I highly doubt it will outsell Halo 3 if they're talking about weekly's multi plat so it's kinda dumb for him to compare it's sales to Halo...

BloodySinner4000d ago

How is it dumb? It's a MULTIPLATFORM title. So technically, it should reach a broader audience.

Danja4000d ago

"How is it dumb? It's a MULTIPLATFORM title. So technically, it should reach a broader audience."

Exactly...where as Halo 3 is on one you see why it shouldn't be compared ??

Topshelfcheese4000d ago

Than why was Halo3 compared to Spiderman3 a movie or Harry Potter a book in sales? The simple fact is, Halo3 isn't even in the top 20 highest selling games of all-time and even if everyone who owned a 360 bought one, it would still not be in the top 10. If you like Halo3, fine play it, but to say COD4 overall sales means nothing, is just being ignorant.

ThisIsWaiting4000d ago

I would be amazed.

As Tuttle mentioned, its on 4 different platforms and available to a MUCH larger audience.

Transit4000d ago

Being on multi platforms it probably will out sell Halo 3 but I don't think that just the 360 sales of COD4 will out sell Halo 3 at all.

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