Five Reasons Why The 3DS Will Not Fail

The Nintendo 3DS finds itself in a bit of trouble. It’s launch was horribly botched, with little to no marketing, a horrible launch lineup, and some key features missing, promised in a vague ‘future firmware update.’ The system was priced high, and launched at the slowest time for hardware sales of the year. And while it still sold decently- 4.3 million units in four months is nothing to scoff at- the system has not performed as well as Nintendo, analysts and customers thought it would.

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Venox20082846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

they forgot include - Mario kart, mario 3D land and Kid Icarus & Luigi's mansion 2 and Resident Evil: revelations :)

Rrobba2845d ago

1. Pokemon.
2. It's Nintendo.
3. Mario.
4. Great new price.
5. 3D draws great interest.

mcstorm2845d ago

The 3DS will be the best selling handhold console of its gen. As Nintendo are very strong in the market and have strong IPs in more or less every gore so it offers something for everyone. The biggest problem for the 3ds is Nintendo have had big named game out for the DS and never really said the 3DS was a new console so people thought it was a updated DS for £220 and got the DS for £100.

Now the big name games are coming out for the 3DS and the price drop come Christmas I would expect the 3DS to be the best selling console.

I think the PSV will sell better then the PSP but it dose not have all round solid games in every gore like Nintendo so it will sell well with the core but not out side the core where the 3DS will sell well with the core and and the none core.

charmer2845d ago

only silly clowns would think 3ds would fail cause of a less then stellar 4months......3d is going to take off next year which will only benefit the with the price cut and the right games by nintendo....its a done desl