VitaGamr Talking Point: Why Push PlayStation Vita to 2012?

The sound of thousands of shattered Christmas wishes echoed across the globe last week, as Sony revealed that PS Vita won't reach North America and Europe until 2012. Why did Sony push back the PS Vita release, and what does it stand to gain?

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Ulf2844d ago

There may be several good reasons. To name a couple:

The hardware manufacturing facilities some, or several, components of this new hardware may not be ready. The Japanese launch may be as much as those facilities can produce hardware for, by the end of this year.

Some release games aren't ready. There may be titles that are critical to the Western release that are just not finished.

The date a new console releases is bound by MUCH more than simply a release window choice.

MaxXAttaxX2844d ago

More polish (for games and other software in the system).
Better than to have things rushed.

More games at launch. The bigger the software line-up, the better the launch.

A lot of games coming out later this year. It's a bit crowded.