Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter: Fears of another DC bomb may kill off hopes

Product-Reviews writes: Would gamers really like to see a Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter game in the future, knowing that MK Vs DC bombed in terms of success? NetherRealm studios are doing a great job with MK at the moment, and Capcom seems to have found a nice formula with Street Fighter X Tekken. Should it be left at that, or do you think an MK Vs SF title is a definite possibility in a few years to come.

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farhsa20082844d ago

In theory its sounds like the greatest crossover ever, but in execution it just wouldn't work, Capcom would never allow their characters to have their limbs cut off

I_find_it_funny2844d ago

we need Marvel vs DC


LOOK_AT_THIS_I2844d ago

I enjoyed the MK vs DC. If they would have had it play more like the newest MK rather than a hybrid 3d mix on the 2d plane it would have been better. I thin Marvel Vs DC in a MK setting would be fun as hell.

Some of the moves they gave to the superheros was kind of odd, but the gameplay was solid. It didnt have a chance because of the teen rating though. If it would have just had the MK fighting engine it would have been received better. My friends wouldnt touch it because of the story, they acted like the story didnt make sense as to why the two would cross over. That reason alone made it so they wouldnt touch it. stupid I know and I tried to sell them on the different story modes and they wouldnt have it
Typical comic book geeks, it has to make sense in the

milohighclub2844d ago

what if they did it how they are handling the street fighter x tekken


StarWolf2844d ago

they should do nintendo vs MK . fatality Link hahuaha

L6RD7BLU32844d ago

This will only happen in mugen.

MrBeatdown2844d ago

I never quite got the MK vs DC hate. I wouldn't necessarily want it to be a recurring thing, but as a one shot deal, it was worth giving up the more over the top violence to get a chance to see Batman pummel Scorpion.

tr00p3r2844d ago

Maybe Rocksteady should remake it.. :o

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The story is too old to be commented.