New releases for Europe: 9th Nov, 2007

As Mum sorry Lorraine put it in Back To The Future, a man should be strong. Good news, then, because this is a week of STRONG MEN. And I'm not just talking about Marcus Fenix, star of Gears of War on PC, or whatever the men are called in Call of Duty 4, stars of Call of Duty 4, and I'm not just not talking about them because we've talked about them a lot this week, although actually I am. In fact, for the purposes of this hastily constructed and evidently poorly thought through introductory paragraph, I'm not even just talking literally about men! A Lombax will do. Ratchet's a Lombax. And he's strong.

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Maestro3995d ago

Poor Ratchet & Clank, is going to bomb so hard because it's only one week before Super Mario Galaxy, the REAL platformer.