Bungie "actively" working on new IPs and Halo

Halo 3's out, Bungie's off the MS leash, but there's no time for rest as studio manager Harold Ryan reveals the developer is already hard at work on not one but two new IPs, and new Halo games.

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goodganja3995d ago

Give it about a couple more months time. You'll hear the announcement of Halo going to PS3. Just watch. This will be a devastating blow for Micro$hit. But well deserved seeing they shouldnt treat their 1st party devs like they have been.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

ParaDise_LosT3994d ago

Microsoft OWNS the rights to Halo
In other words, the only way for Halo to go to PS3
is if Microsoft gives the 'okay'
What are the chances of that do you think...

resistance1003994d ago

MS still own the HALO IP, so unless MS do a sega and go mulitplat i can't see it happening any time soon

HarryEtTubMan3994d ago

Dude why do u even care about Halo... I have Halo 3 and still haven't beaten it. I'm trading it tommorrow to help pay for COD4. Its not that grreat dude. Its ALL HYPE. And anyone thats not fvcking crazy with Master Cheif posters on their wall knows this. That's why so many people have become "disappointed" with the Halo series, as have I. We will see IP's from Bungie on the PS3 but why should PS3 owners care with the tons of games already coming to PS3? I don't get it... I just think its because u haven't acctually played Halo 3 that you care... their are MANY developers better than bungie, ABSOLUTE FACT.

socomnick3995d ago

Yea new halo games I hope so Cause they are always fun.

Enigma_20993994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

there are some people that *GASP* Could care less...

Ahhhh3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

It would be a waste of money for Halo games goto PS3 cause ALMOST every PS3 fanboy doesn't like "Gaylo."

Can't wait to hear about what their working on.

DeckUKold3994d ago

ain't bungie have halo when they was developing it for the ps2

Fade_Walker3994d ago

Bungie was owned by 2K, but then microsoft baught some of them and part of the deal included bungie...or something like that

but in the end i dont think they really own any of there oringinal IP's...i think 2K owns Oni and myth and microsoft owns the only thing i think they acually still own is Marathon

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The story is too old to be commented.