Microsoft on Bungie, Bizarre, BioWare, PGR5, Mass Effect 2/3, and 2008

In Part 1 of an interview with DevelopMag, Microsoft Game Studios' general manager Phil Spencer discusses what happened with Bungie, Bizarre and Bioware. He talks about Microsoft's reactions to each of the three cases, what will happen between Microsoft and the three studios, and what the future holds for Microsoft Game Studios.

Some hot topics in the interview are:
• Microsoft's current attitude towards studio acquisitions
• Microsoft's plan for Project Gotham Racing 5
• Microsoft's future in the Mass Effect franchise
• The speculation that the foundation of Microsoft Game Studios seems to be "built on quicksand"
• The lack of (announced) 2008's titles for Xbox 360
• When Microsoft will announce or show those titles
• Progress in Europe
• New talents, ideas and IPs from Europe

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predator3996d ago

just by reading his thoughts on 2008 i can sense that mgs have sumit cooking but dont want to share just yet, its gona be big.

Nicosia3996d ago

That the same feeling i get. In the articale he discusses some very intresting stuff, but also comments on not to get ahead of yourself. The most intresting part was the europe division, i knew about them but there coming along from what i read.

Keep in mind that Bizarre and Bioware was just partners in dev, ms publishes it.

Real gamer 4 life3996d ago

Why is microsoft losing all their game studio??

jack who3996d ago

why do ppl like you say crap out there mouth?

let me make this clear micrsoft only has 1 game studio and its callled MGS(micrsoft games studio) you mind tellin me when they lost it?

unlimited3996d ago

basically they got nothing in 2008 and lost all the best studios..they are depending on third party games that will coome on the ps3 blows in 2008 with no games..

ukilnme3996d ago

Get out and stay out troll.

Silver3603996d ago

They let Bungie become independent, but they retain first rights on any game Bungie develops. What other studio have they owned and lost?

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BIoodmask3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

The funny thing is people don't seem to understand that just bc Microsoft doesn't "own" Bungie anymore doesn't mean that Bungie will be making games for other consoles. Most likely it will be just like Sony's relationship with Insomniac or Naughty Dog.

And if MGS really wanted to obtain exclusive rights to the Mass Effect sequels all they would have to do is pony up the money to EA. There was an article posted a few days ago that 50% of EA's revenue was made on 360 games. This gives Microsoft a lot more bargaining power for exclusives than people may realize. Same goes for other Games studios. The install base and games attach rate per console sold are where the money is, and right now that is Microsoft.

I think it is funny that a lot of people on this sight accuse Micro of being a buyout type company when Sony's 1st party studios consists almost solely of companies they have "bought". One of them being Psygnosis, the games producer that makes Wipeout.

Nothing wrong with that. That is just how the industry works.

TheMART3996d ago


Plus: how is a trilogy, when the first part is and will stay exclusive on the 360, ever going to start with part II on another console? I bet either way, by MS money or not, Mass Effect trilogy will stay on the 360 exclusive

Silver3603996d ago

If part one does well then MS uses their option. So how will part 3 on both console be all that attractive to fanboys especially if you are carrying your character over from games one and two?

Witty Comment3996d ago

with the Bungie relationship. He said:

" I don’t know if they’ll be stronger as a studio in the long-term – I’m not convinced of that. And I don’t know if the strains of running a business on their own will hurt or help them".

Usually when things end on strictly good terms, or even not so good terms, no corporate officer will say things like that. These people are supposed to be politicians as well, so when somebody says something like that, it leaves a lot left to the imagination.

PS360PCROCKS3996d ago

What? No. He's merely being level headed, their giving Bungie the option of working on their own so they can grow within themselves and become a company like Rare where they can develop more than one game at a time, he even said this. All he was merely saying was their giving them the option and that it's yet clear if that will help or hurt them, but their letting them try.

gnothe13996d ago

witty he's right, he doest know if they'll be stronger an a company in the long run. because they dont have that deep pocketbook of MS anymore!! thats like a rich dads son deciding to go out on his own. without his dads cash can he still do the things he once did!!

Guitarded3996d ago

Because he doesn't know what the future holds for them it's bad blood. OK.

Witty Comment3996d ago

I didn't mean to say bad blood, but it certainly doesn't sound like he has much faith. I just summed it up wrong. My bad, coach.

PS360PCROCKS3996d ago

I just realized your avatar, very nice!

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Maddens Raiders3996d ago

but what exactly is an XBox 360, and what does *it have to do w/ 2008? Confusing article...I thought this "360 thing" in 2008 was an outmoded rumor ya know, "built on quicksand" . Wierd.

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