GGTL Exclusive video: sixteen-minute Bodycount presentation

GGTL: "Codemasters were kind enough to invite Gamer's Guide to to an exclusive Bodycount presentation in the heart of London last week. Our very own Ben Storey was able to record the presentation, given by Max Cant, explaining what Bodycount is all about. Mainly, shooting things."

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fr00ty-wizenhymer2845d ago

According to Wikipedia there will be a Windows version.

DoomeDx2845d ago

According to a billion gaming sites, there is no pc version.

What do you trust more?
Wikipedia, or lots and lots of gaming sites?

adfa892845d ago

That's confirmed, there is no PC version, as stated by Max Cant himself in our interview: http://www.gamersguidetolif...

Raider692845d ago

Yes there Is a PC version!

AKissFromDaddy2845d ago

Please share the link. I couldn't find it on amazon or steam.