Forza 4 And The American Le Mans Series

Today, the premier North American sports car racing series and the highest rated racing video game franchise of this generation announced a two-year partnership that will bring the thrill of the automotive world to fans everywhere, whether in-game or at the track.

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ironwolf2847d ago

A good pairing. It should raise the awareness of Forza in a big way.

StanLee2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Seems they're going all out to increase visibility and partner with partners who bring real car enthusiasts rather than just gamers to the table.

Micro_Sony2847d ago

Wow....How do you only have 1 bubble?

The bubble system on N4G is messed up. If you say something pro MS in a 360 article you get bubble downed by you know who.

OT - Turn 10 is one those studios that really love what they do and dont just do it for money. MS needs to show these guys more love and try to get more studios with this same type of attitude.

MintBerryCrunch2847d ago

I'm actually very jealous of this

more real world races is what games like Forza and GT need

msbabie200342847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

to micro-sony- "Wow....How do you only have 1 bubble?

The bubble system on N4G is messed up. If you say something pro MS in a 360 article you get bubble downed by you know who."- my response, WELCOME TO N4G- the sony fanboy capital of the internet.

and for your on topic part of your statement, i agree, but microsoft does have one other studio that care about what they do also, they are called 343.

wish i we're more of a car racing fan, but forza is a great franchise for the xbox brand no doubt. i may get this when it is cheaper for the once a while fix i do get sometimes for wanting to play a racing game.

edit to beagamer below me- see his agrees/disagrees micro-sony, he gets 2 disagrees already for saying he loves forza in a.....drum roll.......forza thread!! only on n4g! but it is good entertainment!

Micro_Sony2847d ago

Why do I grave some Tequila Patron after reading this article.

benighted death2847d ago

The game looks better and better....i just HOPE that we will finally have qualifications,flags,practice day....and everything involving real races! Thats is the only things still missing for it to be one of the best real sims! I love forza but i find really weird that a a game that is suppose to be a sim dont have any flags,penalitys or even qualifications before racing day!!

If its in the game i will be so happy about it....the game will really be complete!

air12847d ago

I didn't know forza was the highest rated racing game this gen..

I havnt played a forza game, going to have to check this one out. I was going to get gt5 but when I played it it just felt like it was missing something.

I'm not much of a racer though just get one from time to time. My favs for this gen is hot pursuit and my number one being grid. Loved that game wonder why no sequel??

Tr10wn2847d ago

I loved grid i don't know why there are no sequel, the F1 serie is getting another sequel this year and the first one came after grid same with dirt, the second one came after grid and they now have a third and still no grid 2.

air12846d ago

Yea grid was real good. imo it gives you a sense of speed that no one has matched and the graphics was top notch.

i wonder how many copies the game sold, maybe it didnt sell so hot?

what i loved about the game too was that she had a hot voice and she would actually say your name if you put it in, i thought that was awsome since most games dont do that..

benighted death2846d ago

The sequel to GRID is supposed to come out in 2012...
I hope it will be a sim like toca used to be,GRID was great but to arcady!
And since its was supposed to be toca race drive 4 and they called it GRID instead,
I hope GRID 2 will be the real toca race driver 5!!!
By the way,toca race driver 3 is still one of the best sim...with flags,crash,penalitys,
Practice day and qualifications.....all that on last gen!!
Forza and gt5,i'm looking at you!

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The story is too old to be commented.