Skyrim - Gameplay Launch Trailer Meets Mind Heist [HD]

The first official gameplay of Skyrim meets Mind Heist. Epicness awaits.

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omi25p2842d ago

Too many fan made trailers have that song...

hamoor2842d ago

lovely but i prefer the original soundtrack.

it just more epic and blood-pumping!

jriquelme_paraguay2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

tired of this song... :/
I prefer Epica

ardivt2842d ago

some years ago it was this song from the reqiuem for a dream score and now it this song. gamers are so boring people :D

grailly2842d ago

haha, and what about SSF2 guile theme? lol

Whore_Mouth2842d ago

This is from January. This is 10 years old in internet years.

TheBeast2842d ago

The trailer yes...but with Mind Heist...a day old maybe?

Whore_Mouth2842d ago

Nope I remember seeing this a long time ago.

Ducky2842d ago

Nothing beats the literal trailer.

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