IGN's The Club Preview: 'shaping up to be another SEGA arcade classic'

Here's what you (probably) already know about SEGA's forthcoming arcade shooter, The Club: it's being made by Bizarre Creations, the developer behind Project Gotham Racing. It's an attempt to do for shooting games what PGR did for racing games. It's got eight different characters fighting it out across eight different environments in a gladiatorial competition run by a shadowy underworld organisation that dates back through the centuries. Each level lasts just a few minutes, and the object of the game is to play through each level repeatedly in order to achieve high scores.

That's what you already know. What you won't know, until you play the thing - until you actually start competing for high scores - is that it's also a brilliantly heady blend of adrenaline, panic, and exhilaration. Compared to traditional shooting games it seems a little half-baked, with levels that last just a few minutes each, and the barest nod towards narrative development. That's a criticism that Bizarre is well aware of.

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