8.0 ~ From Dust | Review (XBLA)

In this game, players control a pseudo-divine entity known as the Breath as it re-shapes the environment to make it habitable of an aboriginal tribe of mask-wearing humans. By doing this, the Breath not only makes it possible for this group of seemingly mentally deficient people to live in their adverse planet, but also guides them to forgotten memories and phenomenal supernatural abilities.

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pondaboba2842d ago

Nice review. Reminds me of a Sid Meier game.

RoboRyan2842d ago

Sounds like a huge contrast to the games I've been playing lately. Might give it a shot when it's on Steam later this month.

RoboSpiff2842d ago

May have to give it a whirl.

Desert Turtle2842d ago

Looks interesting... Can't say that for many Ubisoft games.