Entertainment Focus - Review: Child of Eden

Overall Child of Eden is more than just another game it's a unique experience and journey that every gamer should take. Not everyone will love it and some will be disappointed by its length. However everyone who plays it will be affected by it and take something away from their time with it. If you own a Kinect you simply must own Child of Eden, if you don't then you should go and buy a Kinect as well as this is essential gaming.

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Venox20082841d ago

I give this game 9,99/10 (minuses 0,01, because it could be longer) ....still it's one of the best gaming experiences for me.. and beautiful music & visuals...

Psychonaughty2841d ago

I bought this game but regret it, I'm a fan of Kinect but this game really didn't use it well imo, also it was not as good as Rez overall which is strange. Should of been a 800msp release, then I would recommend it. Giving it a 10/10 is ludicrous tbh.