Forza Motorsport 4 preview (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "Less than a year after Gran Turismo 5 hit the PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s rival flagship racing series is set to return to the 360. Why are we looking forward to FORZA MOTORSPORT 4 so much? Read on to find out..."

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hamoor2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

forza 4 looks brilliant!

thats what happens when you get strong and fierce competition between two of the best racing sims franchises ever!
so fans of both series should rest the flamewars and enjoy those great games!

ironwolf2846d ago

Won't happen. There are too many children here.

MOTY2846d ago

"It’s illustrative of the leaps Forza has made over the series it once aspired to, and that leaves us in an unlikely but exciting position as we head towards Forza 4′s release: the world’s favourite driving sim may have emerged from stasis, but in its stead a new market leader has thrived."

I expect more and more reviews/previews to basically say the same thing.

Hands Up For Games2846d ago

It really does look as though Turn 10 have hit the ball out the park. Home Run indeed!

I just wish someone would make a new Project Gotham Racing, someone, anyone, anyone?!

thief2846d ago

Yes, we know it has better menus, rewind, all the stuff that makes it a great arcade racer pretending to be a real racing game. The article does not mention if they have anything needed for it to deserve being called a simulator.

Graphics: have they caught up with GT5’s lighting model and 1080p?
Car damage: the much maligned damage modelling in GT5 was inadequate but still a full generation ahead of Forza 1/2/3. Does Forza 4
Car models: GT5 was criticised for having 200 cars far superior to Forza and 800 cars slightly inferior looking. Does Forza 5 have 400 or even 200 cars that look as good as GT5’ premium cars
Physics, realism: An alleged “simulator” where you can finish the track in less time than the fastest recorded time in real racing? Really?

hamoor2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

have you played forza 2-3? no?? i see...

McFlu2845d ago

The reason you can finish faster in Forza makes sense, in a real car theres more danger, so theres a bigger risk to cutting this corner a bit more, or not slowing down quite as much over here, so in a gameit makes sense that it would be just a tad quicker.

RAmar1012846d ago

No doubt forza 4 will be good, its accessibility means its deffo going to get higher reviews than gt5

Morpheuzpr2846d ago

That's for sure. GT5 had a hate campaign that was beyond anything i could imagine.

Micro_Sony2846d ago

I think most of it was due to the long development time. Alan Wake and Duke Nukem suffered the same fate.

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