Why Bodycount could be 2011's best new shooter

OXM UK: "Call of Duty meets Geometry Wars in Battlefield's backyard."

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dirigiblebill2847d ago

Nice to see a gun game which is first and foremost about the guns.

Convas2847d ago

Loving the look and feel on the game. Definitely on my buy list!

Inside_out2847d ago

If your going to talk about destruction in your game what better way that to show a guy getting blown through a wall with a shotgun...

...and part 2...

It's obvious Stuart Black's creative input is what has set this game apart. To think this game will have multi-player with all this insanity is crazy.

Stuart Black left last October to head up another game being made with Cry-3...can't wait for that one as well.

CanadianTurtle2847d ago

Why this article may be the stupidest article of the day

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