Is Gears Of War 3 Not Getting The Attention It Should?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Choch asks: The end to one of the most successful third-person shooters of all-time comes to an end on September 20th. But with all the hype surrounding other shooters such as “Battlefield 3″ and “Modern Warfare 3″, is anyone paying attention to Gears of War?

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RaidensRising2842d ago

With all the pre-orders a Beta, hell yeh.

It's the calm before the storm!

hamoor2842d ago

it get a lot of attention just like every other big AAA title that coming this year.

the thing is you dont notice that on n4g because it aint about gaming news anymore!
all the hot articles are flamewars and stupid comparisons.

EVILDEAD3602842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Silly article..didn't even provide ANY real reason why anyone would believe it's not getting attention.

Believe me..Gears is fine. Lack of preorders don't mean a game is going to fail..but when you have the preorder numbers that Gears has it's just a clear indication of what's about to happen in September.

Hint..its going to kill at retail. MW or Battlefield will have nothing to do with Gears sales' come September. The author is talking about Gears 2's online like no one knew the issues ad nauseum. The funny part is when that game dropped I could have cared less..we did co-op campaign and lost hours and hours of life playing Horde. What you never hear from people..because they never played Gears was that you could play online with friends against Bots.which was also a blast..and one of the most slept on modes in Gears. Epic pulled it off wayyy before Black Ops..but wow was it fun..

On topic..just like the first two games..once the new ad drops on the TV slots we will ALL be as hyped as we ever were. The delay just kelt gamers at bay until the reality that the game is finally upon us.

Feel free to come back to this article after Gears first weekend at retail.


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BlindGuardian2842d ago

I kinda of agree with the article: for such a big game releasing next month we're not hearing much about, I think it's safe to say that Resistance 3 is getting more attention

if I had to guess the reasons I would name three: it's at least a few months too late, t looks like more of the same and people know that it can't surprise graphically anymore

when the second one was about to launch, gamers were all excited about how it might be the best looking game of all time (not this time) and how the very solid story of the previous game was going to continue (not this time)


Gears one was great, gears 2 was about a 5 and a half out of 10, and gears 3 beta was a dissappointment....because of the over use of the bayonet, i also hate the mulcher and the oneshot. Sawed off is cool though.

I dont know.......gears 2, 3 and resistance 2 are just dumb, too similar and bland. gears 1 was hot, a movie.

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r1sh122842d ago

IT doesnt need that much attention right now, because the fan base have already pre-ordered it.
Since its tied with MS expect a massive Ad campaign around the world,
they are slowly building to something.

Rushing_Punch2842d ago

It is going to have a lot of competition. Besides Ice-T's song for it is horrible! lol

Old McGroin2842d ago

You hit the nail on the head, the main reason I would think to avoid Gears 3 is because of a horrible song :/

Never mind the 4-player co-op campaign, a vast improvement to the already excellent Horde mode, the exciting looking Beast mode and, having played the Beta, a fantastic return to form for competitive deathmatch, CTMF etc...

BioDemon-2842d ago


Looks like it's getting plenty of attention to me.
Well deserved attention.

agentxk2842d ago

I think his concern is that there is more discussion on other titles. Heck, look at the topic heat on the front page of n4g

Rushing_Punch2842d ago

preorders can be cancelled!

hamoor2842d ago

n4g is not a good way to tell which game is being most discussed.

the top stories are often stupid flamewars and shit

Cpt_kitten2842d ago

well considering it gets all the hype articles i think its getting more than it needs

Dazel2842d ago

GoW3 is a given AAA winner for xbox no matter what.

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