LIMBO: The First 10 Minutes (PC)

Video footage of the first ten minutes from LIMBO on the PC, part of a new series from Ironhammers.

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AfricanWoolf2848d ago

It's a fairly one tone, linear game so this just seems like spoiler.

Nice vid though

LiquidSnack2848d ago

The first 10 minutes? So 1/3 of the game?

JimboG2848d ago

You sir.. are an idiot.

SAE2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

it's amazing , bought it after playing the demo , but i couldn't complete it because my big brothers took the controler and finished the game xD , they loved it and they hope they release adlc or something like that ..

Edit : but it was really expensive , 15 dollars , but it worth it , the developers deserve the money.. it's like mario game , you will understand what i said after you complete the game XD..

wh0am12848d ago

i already beat this game twice on PSN