Heavenly Sword Preview

More than ever, PlayStation3 needs a killer launch game. A game everyone will want to show off to friends who were unlucky enough to miss out on getting the new console. One that bowls you over the moments you load it up and still throws up plenty of 'wows' hours later. A title that defines PS3 as a trendsetter for graphics and gameplay. Heavenly Sword could so easily have been that game.

Sadly it isn't to be for the hack-and-slash 'em up, which slips under that all-important November 17 release date to emerge the wrong side of Christmas. And that's a shame, because Heavenly Sword is to PS3 what the original Devil May Cry was for PS2.

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DJ5872d ago

But still a nice reminder of what's coming.

UndergroundMan5872d ago

But your right gotta have them later than rushed.

heihoosilver5872d ago

it´s nice but looks sooooo plastic.........

drewdrakes5872d ago

Thats whats been said about Gears of War, but are you a critique? No, so shut up with the harsh criticisms. Neither game looks plastic and im sick of people saying that. You think you can do better? Then go to those companies and submit your resume, but i highly doubt they will hire you, because your probably a 12 year old with no knowledge of the industry, and are merely repeating criticisms youve read elsewhere by other 12 year olds with no experience.

UndergroundMan5872d ago

I mean do you really believe what you say or you pretend to believe it. It' unbelievable how some of you can 't appreciate greatness. I'm a PS3fan, and i have played many 360 games i see Gears of War and say good for gaming, but you see this one just because you got a grudge against Sony and everyone is praising this game, so you can't really put it down , you must find something to make it look bad.

heihoosilver5872d ago

i just say wath i see, yes looks nice but looks plastic, and for everyone when ps3 price drop and i see 1 or 2 games that i like or i think is very good i don´t have any problem to buy one, but for now nops.

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