Surgery Simulator review -PCGAMER-

PCGAMER: If you really want to perform surgery without a licence, grab some sharp kitchen knives, a soundproofed cellar and a lot of chloroform. A life sentence is preferable to the medical malpractice of this terrible surgery sim.

Miiikeyyy4723d ago

Reminds me of trauma centre. Trauma centre was so good until it got to the GUILT part. ruined it

4723d ago

Watch Us Perform Digital Heart Surgery On Donald Trump

Kotaku - Look, we tried to keep Trump alive. Honest.

Germany72959d ago

Sites like Kotaku really makes me happy about the FACT that Donald Trump will be the future POTUS.

You have my support, mr. Trump.

KentBenMei2958d ago

If this were an Anita Sarkeesian game Kotaku would flip its shit.