Hamilton's Great Adventure Releases Later This Month On PSN

TGH Writes: "Hamilton's Great Adventure is a unique puzzle adventure title that is already out on PC. However the title was promised to release on PSN in July. However, the powers that be ended up delaying it until this month. On the bright side, the release date is set and players eager to get their hands on the PSN version will not have to wait much longer."

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FanOfGaming2845d ago

Looking forward to it, I think this year has been a bit of a slump for Downloadable titles on PSN, the Summer is usually flooded with amazing titles.

ShadyDevil2845d ago

I have to disagree, if you remember Sony is pulling their Summer Of Arcade in form of PLAY. Lets not forget Payback and SF Third Strike coming out. Going to be a killer summer for PSN.