MSI GX600 gaming notebook will play Crysis

MSI's latest gaming creation, simply called GX600 will play Crysis. This notebook offers impressive specs including an Intel T7300 dual core 2GHz CPU with 4MB cache, 2 GB of RAM and 250GB hard drive.

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Capt CHAOS3999d ago

What settings? Watercolour minimum setting, medium settings or cowabunga max settings? Probably minimum..

Marceles3999d ago

"you can run Crysis at 1024x768 with the medium settings"

No one wants to play Crysis on medium...

GIJeff3998d ago

that and the monitor im sure isnt native to 1024x768. Yum. intropolated bad graphics.....

skagrerrrr3998d ago

Rig will play a watered down version of Crysis