Hands-On with Diablo 3's Barbarian Class - AusGamers

AusGamers has posted an in-depth preview of their hands-on with Diablo 3's Barbarian class, going into skills, abilities, UI and more.

From the preview:

"The Barbarian, as was described to us by Rob Pardo, is a warrior “looking for a foe worthy of his blade”. Death doesn’t scare him, rather, he invites it at every turn, provided it’s an honourable, hard-fought one. But in saying that, death won’t find him quickly thanks to his tenacious attitude and abundantly powerful skillset. The game has gone something of a grand metamorphoses since it was first announced. Skill-trees are gone in favour of a skill list and UI where you can have six active and three passive..."

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Spinal2842d ago

Barb is going to be my main in D3 and probably have a monk alt. This game is really gonna make my year when it comes out.

Spenok2841d ago

Man im so happy they kept the Barb in this game. Has always been my favorite character.