Killing Off the Original Xbox: A Big Microsoft Mistake

Bruce Everiss of Seeking Alpha thinks it is a big mistake for Microsoft to kill off the original Xbox half way through its life. Everiss suggests that Microsoft could have used re-engineered the original Xbox to make it cheaper, and then sold the cheaper Xbox with Xbox Live to China and India to lock the two lower income markets into buying future generations of Microsoft consoles.

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gw4k4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

BS. I could really care less about the original Xbox.

I want my HD baby!

Stop bringing up old news that no one cares about.

This is the world of the next generation systems. Why bring up something that no one is going to change.

Shadow Flare4089d ago

Not so xbox live anymore is it, more like xbox dead, kicked, and trampled on like and old dog lying in the gutter begging for a real company to look after it

Witty Comment4089d ago

no. No, if you actually look at the numbers of people online?

No. Not dead.

Shadow Flare4089d ago

It was a pun for the original xbox being dead. I wasn't refering to xbox live itself. I was using the term xbox live because i could switch it to xbox 'dead' in reference to the original xbox. You half-wit. That's in reference to you having half the wit of a stinking ape, left to die in a gutter, begging for someone to look after it's stinking, rotting body. Of course, im kidding. I know your not actually an ape laying in a gutter. Just in case you can't work these things out

The_Engineer4089d ago

seeing how fast my xbox and the games I had became bargain bin material overnight I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. I have a 360 but will keep the game library small incase they decide to do this again.

SlippyMadFrog4089d ago

If microsoft drops the Xbox360, how is that going to effect your bought Xbox360 games?


Remember, Sega was notorious about dropping support from its console. Microsoft is the same case, but it takes time before people realize it.

MaximusPrime_4089d ago

i dont even like the look of xbox console and that controller is like a controller from "thomus the tank engine"

Syko4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Why does no one understand that they really had no choice considering that at the $149.99 price point they were still losing $30-40 a unit because they had to keep pace with the beast that was the PS2. The inclusion of the HDD standard and higher end components than the PS2 made this a cost nightmare, and with limited developer support due to EVERY single developer knowing that Sony buttered their bread it was a lose lose situation for them.

IMO, They did the right thing by strictly focusing on their Next Gen console and not even worrying about full backwards compatibility. They already had established the Xbox name among gamers and knew if they got a next gen system to the market first that they could get in with some developers that wouldn't support the original Xbox.

I mean when you think about it in those terms, to think they would do the same with the 360 is really just ignorant. No console is even at the $199 price point yet and everybody knows this is when consoles fly off the shelves. in about 2 years at Christmas time when the 360 is $199 for the Premium(Pro) model you will see sales of well over 50+ million total sold.

With the attach rate of 360 games and the possibility of selling that many systems why the hell would they abandon the strength of the 360.

I think everyone can agree though that the hardware better be bulletproof on the next system, That BS is unforgivable.

Silver3604088d ago

Another point is that Nvidia was screwing them over the price of the graphics card. MS had to pay the same price for the crad throughout the xbox's life span. Also developers could only use Nvidia's drivers. They couldn't program to the metal, which is why PS2's graphics started looking better near the end. The deal on the video card really was the cause of the original xbox's demise.

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The story is too old to be commented.