Battlefield 3 Will Forever Change the First Person Shooter Genre

Rhillis of Gaming Irresponsibly talks about how Battlefield 3 will literally be a game changer. Bad or good.

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nopunctuation2846d ago

Woo woot. Hype trains a rollin' again.

agentxk2846d ago

Watch the trailer, tell me it isn't going to be awesome.

Besides, the writer says that it will force a change regardless of how it does.

iamnsuperman2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

There is a difference between awesome and "Forever Change the First Person Shooter Genre". BF3 looks pretty and (I can only image) plays like a BF game but is it actually offering something new and never seen before (aside from the visuals) not really. Its going to be a great game but change the FPS shooter genre forever no.

BattleAxe2845d ago

BF3 looks great, but realistically its going to change the FPS genre about as much as Crysis 2 did.....which it didn't. The only change thats on my mind is the fact that this one won't be on Steam, in which case I won't buy it.

Ducky2845d ago

^ Both aren't on steam.

lil Titan2845d ago

what will change military shooters is this scifi new tech they are going to be using soon. look up "transparent alumina" and "non-newtonian liquid". the army wants to use both. this will soon be the use of the modern solider, makes you wonder how the next battlefield game will turn out now huh

Ducky2845d ago

^ I don't care as long as it has titan mode.

BattleAxe2845d ago

@ Lil Titan

I think what you are talking about is where Ghost Recon: Future Soldier comes in.

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ATi_Elite2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

#1 After BF3 all Devs are gonna have to seriously step up the graphics. BF3 is just friggin sick with the graphics and borderline photo realistic, the animation is simply the best ever along with top notch sound that all BF games have.

#2 Devs are gonna have to step up the scale of their games too. I've been watching a TON of Beta play and BF3 is just HUGE. I've seen court yards that are bigger than entire game maps in COD. It's crazy huge scale and I have yet to see a proper 64 player map with aircraft. So things will get even bigger.

#3 Vehicles.....No one really has had the balls to copy BF1942 but after BF3 everyone is gonna start having vehicles....mark my words.

#4 Destruction....although Red Faction has been doing this since PS2 year 1 i feel BC2 + BF3 will force Devs to account for the expansion of game play when you introduce destruction. it adds a whole new level of game immersion.

#5. Reflections....Ray Tracing is the next gen of PC graphics and BF3 has a form of it in BF3. certain scopes, windows, car siding, etc. are reflecting the world in real time which means you can see enemies sneaking up on you from behind by seeing their reflection in your scope or a car window. It's done very delicately as to make it seem real but not a dead give away. That's very awesome and great detail to programming.

So i believe these characteristics will change FPS forever cause anything less than BF3 is a waste.

*Disclaimer The Arma series did large scale combat with vehicles first but in a simulation environment back in 2001*

Elwenil2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

"Disclaimer The Arma series did large scale combat with vehicles first but in a simulation environment back in 2001"

Uh, what? ARMA wasn't released until 2006. Operation Flashpoint was released in 2001.

overlorduk2845d ago

*Disclaimer The Arma series did large scale combat with vehicles first but in a simulation environment back in 2001*

Wrong, World War 2 Online did it first in 2001, before Operation Flashpoint.*

*Disclaimer I know it's am MMO, I'm just being pedantic :)

ATi_Elite2845d ago

Arma: Cold War Assault was originally called Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis released in 2001

but when Bohemia broke away from Codemasters they changed it to Arma Cold War Assault while Codemasters kept the Operation Flashpoint title.

Combat for the Atari 2600 used large scale combat and vehicles back in 1977...HA! lol

Elwenil2845d ago

As I replied to your PM:

The patch to change the name didn't come out until 2011, and that was just to piss off Codemasters. ARMA did not exist until 2006.

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JoGam2846d ago

BEWARE....BEST will be here soon!

ATi_Elite2845d ago

I know the best is just 3 weeks aways. I can't wait to finally play Red Orchestra 2!!!

Getowned2845d ago

Red Orchestra 2 looks great i must say.

Cmpunk2845d ago

battlefield 3 will be amazing, but to many people are hyping it up, the game isn't god like it's just a good game

hamoor2845d ago

Battlefield is more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Look, I HATE cod with the bottom of my heart but I got to admit that cod 4 revolutionized the FPS mp on consoles...
For better or worse.

Hufandpuf2845d ago

I agree, no matter how much I talk down COD, MW1 was one of my all-time favorite FPS.

Getowned2845d ago

cod4 is still fun to this day really,exept for the odd game filled with hacks lol

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Motorola2846d ago

It's not gonna change the genre but it will be a game that defines the genre, yes.

thebudgetgamer2846d ago

i never played a battlefield game i did not enjoy, but c'mon.

thugbob2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )


I'm looking forward to BF3, but this article is a joke.

"Now with Battlefield 3, 12 on 12 battles will be the norm. That is double the amount of players on a normal Call of Duty battle, and three times as many in a regular match of Halo."

Killzone 2 has 16 on 16, just sayin.

Inside_out2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Yep, Battlefield 3 is changing the fps genre...except for the part about it not even being OUT YET or sold a game at retail...0_o

The problem with infomercials like this is it's all based on fantasy footage. The trailers are NOT indicative of any game people will play and like all the analysts are saying, the PC sales will be maybe 10% of total sales so it's all a farce...not that the PC footage is anything to talk about...just look at these

So, as can clearly be seen by that high settings PC footage, the game is a mess. Of course EA is running around trying to put a stop to these " REAL " videos and the delusional fanboys say it's graphics won't change 9 weeks out. I won't even mention the 60 fps COD advantage on the top selling platform...But he continues...

" Like it or not, love it or hate it, the game isn't out yet and people are already screaming, “Game of the Year!” and “Call of Duty is dead!”. :/

...yes they are saying that and those people are EA-Dice employees. :o It gets better...

" That is double the amount of players on a normal Call of Duty battle, and three times as many in a regular match of Halo." I guess were ignoring games like Homefront, Killzone...etc as they don't work for his silly arguments.

The article was written by the typical fanboy, ignoring the facts and claiming some sort of pathetic victory when the game hasn't even launched yet and the so called " real " beta hasn't started...can't wait for the excuses when it does, only a couple more weeks now.

Pandamobile2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Someone please ban this kid already...

Every day it's the same crap from you. You offer no valuable or thought-out input. The only thing you're good at is being a massive shit disturber.

evrfighter2845d ago

He cares more about battlefield 3 than I do and its my most anticipated game this year. He must have bags under his eyes from staying up all night rocking back and forth in the corner of his room

10 bucks says closer to bf3 launch his comments are gonna be an incoherent mess.

thugbob2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

You seem to care about the graphics too much 0_o

At the end of the day BF3 has better graphics than MW3. :/

Anyways isn't it suppose to be about the GAMEPLAY? :o

The graphics is all you can poke fun at(which are amazing. I'm baffled that you think the graphics are a mess). Do you realize graphics aren't the only thing about a game? A call of duty fanboy like yourself of all people should know that by now.

3GenGames2845d ago

That's why even today Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and others are still talked about, while a game as recent as COD4 is NOT. They'll never understand, just leave the sheep to graze and poop in the pasture.

3GenGames2844d ago


COD4 still is pretty popular, even with myself. I typo'd the original.

Rushing_Punch2846d ago

You scared bro?

I do think direct competition will cause both devs to change their next intallments

JoGam2845d ago

why do you always write mountains of crap?

Hufandpuf2845d ago

What is wrong with you, the games clearly in ALPHA stage. Even in alpha though, it looks better than MW3.

3GenGames2844d ago

Stuff like the rending engine and sound engine and even game engine most are finalized before alpha. Just not the levels. The graphics won't change for the final release.

KernalSanders2845d ago

How many people play Homefront or Killzone? Like 5?

death2smoochie2845d ago

You still crying that BF3 looks miles better than COD....COD...a game with visuals that remind me of 2001 and game play to match

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GSpartan7772845d ago

People in the alpha have been saying that it pretty much plays like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So no! It's not going to change FPS' forever. It's probably going to be a goddamn good game, but an industry changer? No.

vickers5002845d ago

"People in the alpha have been saying that it pretty much plays like Battlefield: Bad Company 2."

They have? Well that's disappointing. I haven't played a lot of Battlefield games, in fact I've only played Bad Company 1, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1943, and my least favorite was Bad Company 2. It got boring after 2 weeks.

Hopefully they change it, I don't want another Bad Company 2 with prettier graphics, more content and bigger maps.

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