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Captain America: Super Soldier doesn’t suffer from the insane pitfalls
that most games timed to movie releases fall into. Fighting is
actually fun and once you get to use your invincible-boomerang shield
it’s downright addictive. The story, however, is lacking something in
the way of intrigue.

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tboyshinobi2847d ago

really enjoyed this game. but I got lost way too many times. I hope they make a sequel and add in some Winter Soldier action. That would kill

clarkjudo2847d ago

I second that on enjoying this game. And I do hope they make a sequel. They were slightly interrupted because of the writers strike. Every support for graphic development stopped with it. So, the game was in development for 3 years.

The strike aloud them to focus on the combat during that time and it shows. Sadly, I feel they had to do with what they had, time eating away on their budget I am sure. This may of caused some draw backs. But maybe with a sequel, they will have a less of chance of another writers strike (lol).

clarkjudo2847d ago

"We still set the story in the same region and time period as the movie, but we were free to tell our own story. We created the game-flow first and then Christos Gage came on-board and wove an awesome story into the existing flow, adding a roster of villains from the comic books." - Next Level Games

tboyshinobi2846d ago

thanks for that note on the writer's strike. didn't realize they were affected too.