John Carmack on the Nintendo DS

Next week Electronic Arts will ship Orcs & Elves for the Nintendo DS, a dual-screen conversion of the cellphone design brought to life by game engine guru John Carmack, best known for his work at id Software such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake…and the list goes on. The man also had his hand on the Nintendo DS version, building the tech to get Orcs & Elves moving on the portable system. In preparation of the game's release on November 13th, IGN had the opportunity to talk with Carmack about his work on the Nintendo DS.

"It is a shame that homebrew development can't be officially sanctioned and supported, because it would be a wonderful platform for a modern generation of programmers to be able to get a real feel for low level design work," Carmack told IGN in the interview, "to be contrasted with the high level web and application work that so many entry level people start with."

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stuntman_mike4088d ago

amen to that, this guy has been slagging off ps3 and 360 and all he can come up with is some duff generic mobile phone pap.

i really think this next gen console was too much for his little brain.

oh did i mention i dont like this guy much lol.

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i dont know bout this guy