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Gone are the days of lining up in front of a Street Fighter II machine, pumping quarters to be able to beat M. Bison, or to have your try at defeating the guy who’s been there all afternoon beating everyone in line.

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comradestalin2849d ago

A article that tugs on my nostalgic heartstrings...

Enjoy your approval.

EDI2849d ago

I'm so glad arcades like The Next Level "formally Chinatown NYC" is still alive

Tuxedo_Mask2849d ago

Arcades were great because you were face to face with your opponent, so you couldn't rage quit or even rage at all unless you wanted to look like a jerk. I remember Initial D had a card you could buy so you could keep improving your car and customize it too. I still remember sitting down to have a race and realizing it was going to be ugly when I saw the car the other guy had.