Cheap PS3 Deals: Retailer Offers $200 Off PS3 Console with Sony Vaio Laptop

"Amazon is teaming up with Sony to offer a $200 off a Vaio PC and PS3!

For a limited time, save $200 instantly when you purchase a PS3 system and a Sony VAIO PC at $799.99 or over. To take advantage of this offer, simply add a PS3 and a qualifying Sony computer of your choice to your Shopping Cart from the list below, and we'll automatically apply the discount at checkout. Offer valid through August 13, 2011, or while supplies last.

This offer is available for the $299 160GB PS3 and the $399 320GB Move bundle as well..."

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L6RD7BLU32846d ago

Watch the suckers will fall for this one!

Solid_Snake-2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

you save $200 off of $1,200

why not just buy a gaming rig that does both and better for $800.

nice try to counteract MS with there free xbox with a windows PC but this just FAILS.

@Cpt_Kitten......exactly. we will see how this is made out to be a good deal on N4G after every one slated MS for doing it.

iamnsuperman2846d ago

Is the gaming rig portable???. No. People get laptops because of their portability. For people thinking of getting a laptop for work/school and then get a PS3 for their family (this is what this offer is aimed at)

jwk942846d ago

If you want to get a laptop then yeah, this is a good deal, especially if you're in the market for a ps3 too.

tiffac2846d ago

I can actually see people buying this then keeping the laptop and selling the PS3. Most of the people who took the MS deal did the same. Unless they don't have the console to begin with.

J86blum2846d ago

i got two disagrees for saying Sweet..damn fanboys

Cpt_kitten2846d ago

so if everyone said MS was desperate when they did the deal to give a free xbox with every computer....dose that mean sony is desperate? cause they basically did the same thing except you still have to pay for the ps3

eh fanboy arguments make no sense, both 360 and ps3 satisfy my gaming need and i get the best of both worlds

nightmarex1212846d ago

But this isn't direct from sony, this is from amazon they probably trying to price matching.

showtimefolks2846d ago

uall are the 1st ones so stay something negative when sony tried to do some advertisement and when MS does it its all good

n4g is called a fanboy site i remember in 2006 where ps3 doom and ps3 has no games and how sony should go out of business article were every where

it would be a lovely and peace ful day when everyone just goes about their business

most of us already have our consoles so these deals that MS and sony put out there are to attract those who may normally not pick up a gaming console

both companies are selling their consoles very nicely so can we please leave it to that

this deep into thus gen cycle any core gamer who cares about games will have both ps3 and xbox360

so let's cut this fanboy crap blaming either side won't fix anything we are all gamers and taht should be the end of it


people who blamed MS for their deal are stupid too because its every company's right to advertise and try to sell their product any way possible as long as its legal and legit

news4geeks2846d ago

I'd consider myself a core gamer and I only game on steam. But I agree, I'm totally sick of this fanboy crap still lurking around n4g. It has been done to death. Nobody cares anymore.

tiffac2846d ago

What can we do fanboyism is the negative affect of competition. Then again even hackers have fanboys. lol!

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