Hardware shortage warning issued to retail

Three leading platform holders (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) all told MCV that supply might not meet demand this Q4.

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lawler4090d ago

Wishful thinking by MS + Sony.

lawman11084089d ago

The pile of PS3 I have seen at Circuit City and Best Buy should be able to be sent BACK to Sony after this Christmas

Syko4090d ago

LOL at the picture?! So MS and Nintendo will have controller shortages and PS3 console wont be on any shelves this holiday.

This is a case of Nintendo envy. I think the fact that you STILL wont be able to buy a Wii this holiday season will help sales for both the PS3 and 360. But SOLD OUT??? gimmie a break

fjtorres4090d ago

...or at least pay attention to the source: they're talking about shortages in the UK, not worldwide and definitely not in the US.
Its just another reflection of euro gamers getting the short end of the stick yet again.

1- All three manufacturers have limits on production of some kind or another.
2- Sony and Nintendo are in a dogfight over Japan and neither can afford to fall short there.
3- MS is strongest in the US and they're not about to let that control slip by not shipping enough product.
End result?
Each region gets a quota, but the manufacturers' home regions get first dibs at any extra production they can scare up over the next month or so. Only after those markets are fully addressed, do the other regions get their quotas reevaluated. Obviously, for MS, europe is number 2, with the emerging india and latin markets coming next, since Japan is pretty much a lost cause. For Nintendo and Sony, Europe is number three and the rest of the world barely registers at this point in time, so those quotas are most likely to be cast in concrete. If the markets sell out, they won't be refreshed until past the holidays.
Not fair by any stretch of the imagination but that's how they're playing it: all camps need to secure their home base or, in Sony's case, not fall so far behind as to get buried.

Also consider that any talk of shortages is bound to scare a few would-be buyers into pulling the trigger early. So even if they don't really expect shortages, it doesn't hurt the marketing to hint at them... :-D

feejo4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Not true, cause Nintendo said they will deliver alot of Wii for Xmass.

gamesblow4089d ago

Sony, in all honesty needs a shortage spur... A self created one, at that. If you can't obtain something, all of a sudden it becomes in demand. It's an undermining business tactic, but not an unheard of one. Sony should think about hording alot of PS3's off into a warehouse this year and only selling thru 2 million units. And for christmas, they could easily sell 2 million units if the circumstances were right. Xbox 360 won't have a shortage... it's too accessible. Wii, is so cheap it'll no doubt have another impulsive shortage. Strange days, folks.

lawman11084089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

It will be a blood bath for Sony this Christmas. 2 has only sold 5 million to date

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