Body Count “Gears Of War 3″ Inspired Song Now on itunes

Body Count have recorded a new song titled “The Gears Of War” inspired by the upcoming video game, “Gears Of War 3“. Band frontman Ice-T will also appear as a playable character by the name of “Griffin” in the game. For now, you can purchase the track via iTunes and sample it below:

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kamakaz3md3606d ago

i dont know whats worse... this song or ice t's show

TheBossMan3606d ago

Ice T does NOT have a voice for heavy music... just, no.

Blacktric3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I really, really hate Ice T and his stupid show. It was a wrong goddamn decision to add him to the Gears Of War 3. Annoying prick.

SephirothX213606d ago

All as I hear is some guy shouting with heavy music in the background. I expected to come away from this song entertained. Instead I have come away deafened.

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MorbidPorpoise3606d ago

Megadeth's 'Gears of War' is better :P

TitanUp3606d ago

i really don't like the song reminds me of korn-haze not the sound of the music just music artist making songs for games thay seem to stink. almost as bad as move-games

DrFUD3606d ago Show
agentxk3606d ago

There is so much vocal reverb. I felt like this was an old Skid Row song that never saw the light of day

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